Traders at all levels of experience learn Novy Principles of Market Flow


Novy Principles of Market Flow are taught to beginners as well as veteran traders and have been applauded as conceptually innovative, adding clarity to the landscape of movement and momentum that takes place in the markets.


Novy Principles are not a system, but a description of the market itself


The market cannot shake off Novy Principles of Market Flow.  It is not a system. It does not measure market performance under just one specific kind volatility or condition.  Novy Principles perform under all kinds of volatility and market conditions.


These Principles are a description of the market itself that highlight the same repetitive behavioral patterns that are always present in the infrastructure as well as the super structure of the market. Therefore, Novy Principles of Market Flow are always contemporary with the market.


The Structural relationship of Music Analysis and Market Analysis


The structural flow of the Principles is very reminiscent of the inter-locking vertical and horizontal sonorities one finds in the framework of music. While there was no conscious effort to relate harmonic analysis to market analysis in the development of the Principles, somehow the years of study in harmony and counterpoint and the analysis of orchestral scores created an “eye” for detail and pattern. These skills transferred themselves into Leonard’s work when he began organizing a “framework for the market”.


Novy Principles of Market Flow have universal application


Traders of all experience levels apply these concepts to all forms of trading in all time frames. This includes long term position trading, short term trading and ultra short term trading in the electronic markets known better as scalping. Traders use these concepts in any market including all traditional Commodities, Individual Stocks, Forex, Currency futures, Bonds, Financials, Electronic trading and International markets.


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