There are 3 courses offered in sequence. It is not necessary to work thru all 3 courses in order to begin trading. The courses are:


NTM Basics (more) is the first course, and explains all of the concepts regarding Novy Principles of Market Flow. It also details entry and exit strategies and has a complete section on money management.  Traders wanting to study live electronic trading in NTM Applications are required first to study NTM Basics. NTM Basics is repeatable at no charge.


NTM Applications (more) is the second course and focuses on electronic trading. It introduces traders to the Hybrid Charts especially designed to tackle the demands of pinpoint entries for scalpers and very short term trading concepts. Novy Principles of Market Flow are applied in a live market setting for the training.  Traders who want coaching and the extended live in-depth analysis of the electronic markets in NTM Creations are required first to study NTM Basics and NTM Applications.  NTM Applications is repeatable at no charge to traders enrolled in NTM Creations.


NTM Creations (more) is the third course and offers advanced traders the experience and guidance of Leonard Novy to help develop their own individual performance skills in a live market setting. Traders learn to convert analysis of the market into a trading reality.

Many traders throughout the years have repeated this course to continue their training. Scholarship discounts for repeating this course are offered. 




Each course is 8 weeks in length. The tuition for each course is $2000. Each course is self-contained so that you can begin trading the concepts you are learning according to your comfort level. It depends on your level of experience.


All Lessons are on-line, conducted by Leonard Novy live and interactive. Courses include lectures after market hours as well as live training during market hours.



NTM Basics and NTM Applications are scheduled classes that are offered throughout the year

NTM Creations is offered every trading day throughout the year. Entry into this class is dependent on when the student/trader completes NTM Applications


Traders who are enrolled in the weekly NTM Applications classes are allowed to audit NTM Creations every day so that they can gain as much live training as possible.




For information regarding the scheduling of the next NTM Basics and NTM Applications courses, You can contact us at our voice mail at 760-841-1522. If you leave a phone number and best time that you can be reached, we will contact you at your earliest convenience.

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